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[The feed turns on to a very puffy-eyed Eridan.]

Soul...H-he broke up w-with me..

So, I w-was w-wonderin' how you humans celebrate w-wrigglin' days. Or "birthdays" is w-what Soul called them. If anyone is in Goldenrod and w-wants to help or w-whatewer, Soul's birthday is in a w-week and since I'm his moirail and brother, I w-want to giwe him the best party or w-whatewer it is you humans do.


(ooc: Since Soul doesn't have an actual birthday, we're all figuring his birthday is probably on August 16th since that's the birthday of the jazz pianist he was named after. It makes sense, right?)


[The feed turns on and you can see Eridan lying underneath a sady tree, in only his boxers and his glasses. His water pokemon are currently spraying him down. For a watertroll who lives in 30 degree weather, 80 degrees is super hot. He notices that the gear has been turned on and sits up. He crawls over to the gear and frowns, not bothering to move his wet hair out of his eyes.]

How do you people deal w-with this heat?

[Video] 2 POSTS IN ONE

[The feed turns on and shows Eridan with three eggs in his lap.]

Alright, I hawe these eggs and I don't w-want them. I'm sellin' them for P2500 each since they're kinda rare eggs. Combee's to be exact.

[The feed stops there but then he sends one last message.]


Listen, John. I'm sorry for how I w-was treatin' you the other day. I w-was just in a really bad mood and shit and I w-wasn't really thinkin'. I'd apologize too Rose to but she blocked me so can you tell her that I'm sorry?


((OOC: I would have had this post up sooner but events happened so I wanted to wait. OOC egg post here.))

[vvideo/text/reaction and whatnot]

[The feed turns on and it shows Eridan staring at it. He opens his mouth to say something but closes it. Instead he switches to text.]

gam im sorry
im sorry i wasnt a good matesprit
i should have spent more time with you and im sorry
if only i had known that you were about to be sent back

and kar im sorry for all of the trouble i caused for you
im sorry im such a terrible friend to you both and im sorry your time here was fucking terrible

[He stares at his gear for a minute and sends one more message]

if all of you were wondering gam and kar have been sent back to the veil
you cant talk to them anymore

i have juggabro with me if anyone was wondering or whatever

May. 27th, 2011

[The feed starts up but it's a little bit hard to tell what was going on, the screen was shaking a bunch. After a minute or so, the screen gets turned around and you can see Eridan. Only he was grey and had horns and fins on the side of his face. Also, his hair was floating sort of like he was in water. In fact, it indeed looked like he was underwater. He smiles and swims to the surface with the gear. He comes out of the water halfway and wipes off the screen a bit.]

Hey guys, I found out that the gears are w-water proof.


[The feed starts up with a very frightened looking Eridan in view. He's sitting with his back up against a door, loud noises coming from behind it.]

Are anyone elses w-water pokemon goin' up the w-wall shithiwe mad because mine are. I w-woke up and they w-were all tearin' up my room! I had to go hide in the fuckin' bathroom so they w-wouldn't fuckin' murder me!


[Today, Eridan was bored. Eridan was bored and he was kind of lonely so he decided to get up earlier then Soul and borrow his pokegear. He takes it off the nightstand and goes into the livingroom. Then he gets comfortable and starts up a memo.]

Cut for troll textCollapse )



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